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Shopping Section - Questions and Answered

1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept visa and master-card (debit & credit cards).

2. Is the picture I'm seeing of your actual stock?

Of course, the picture is of the original stock that we are offering. This picture has been taken by a member of our staffs for the purpose of displaying it to the customers. All the pictures are taken from the actual bag from our own studio.

3. What are your Guarantees?

  • We provide free shipping worldwide.
  • Each of our replicated handbags are the exact same as they’re originals. We focus on using the same materials so we can get the same look.
  • Our replica bags are exact matches to the originals, even the small details like stickers, extra extension straps, care cards, etc. Each of the products also comes with a distinct serial number.
  • Our delivery is made within 7-9 days (from the day you place your order.) For Shipping Information please visit this section Shipping.
  • The photos that we have published are of our own stock merchandise, and look exactly the same in physical view.
  • Refunds are accepted 1 week after the package has been delivered.

4. Do you accept returns?

100% Customer satisfaction is our prime motive. Therefore in any situation where you seem to be dissatisfied by our product you can return the product the same way you got it, by use of courier. We will offer you a replacement or a refund. To get qualified for a replacement or refund, a customer has to send the purchased product back to us within a 1 week time from the day you received the merchandise. The product should be in the same condition as it was when we shipped it (in unused condition.) All tags and additional pieces must accompany the product on its return. The cost of the shipping fee customer has to bare it. 15% restocking fees, after the package has been shipped back to us please provide a tracking number which we believe is very important in keeping track of your product. Contact customer service for any further support.

5. Do you accept exchanges?

For the convenience of the customers, we will provide you with another list of products. To get this started all you have to do is send us an email stating your order details and the reasons you want to exchange, you will have to pay the charges for return shipping. In addition, the customer is also required to send us all of the additional merchandise of the product along with information such as the model name of the product, address of the customer and phone number for further contact.

Customers also need to provide us with their orders tracking number because we too need to be informed about the current location of our product. Once we have the product and are satisfied with it, we shall give you a product on exchange. We will pay for reshipping a new handbag to you.

Handbags Section - Questions and Answers

1. Will anyone know this bag is a fake?

We believe in best quality and perfect finishing! These replica handbags have no indication of being fake because they are made by the same material, constructed to make it a perfect match of the originals. The only way someone would know that it is a fake is if they laid their eyes on the price you paid for it.

We have a separate Quality control Department which specializes in maintaining the quality and detail of the handbag, so that we can prepare an exact replica of the original. Even minor detail such as the chains and tags on the bags are exactly same as the originals. The embossed logo is perhaps the furthest in detail, which is exactly same as the original one. Regular updates are also taken with respect to these bags as it is our duty to provide you with the most recent form of the bags availability. The Quality control team is made up of a very professional team. Therefore there shall be no objection in anyone’s mind with respect to originality of the bag.

2. What are the handbags made from?

The most accurate answer to this question is each and every material that contributes to the original handbags.

We take pride in considering our production just as good as the original bags production. Every shape and design are managed and precisely curved as the original ones.

3. Do your bags come with serial numbers, and the right tags?

Our goal is to provide the same experience with the replicas as you would have with the originals, therefore, each and every accessory is provided in the form of proper date codes along with serial numbers and care cards. Some exclusive collections also have extra straps as do the originals.

4. How do we ship your handbags?

The handbags come with special authentication cards and tags which are together in a safe box so that the product is not damaged in shipping. The packaging shipped in small cardboard boxes so that the customs do not inflate taxes while shipping. For any further information one can also check the Shipping Page.

5. Are your handbags real or fake?

All of the handbags that we prepare are in form of replicas, meaning they are the exact copy of what the original brand owners make. The best part is that we too use the same fabrics and leather that are used by the brand owners as we try and provide a 100% replica of the original copy so that no one can guess that the product is a replica.

6. What is the quality of your handbags?

Top quality, since we use the same materials which are used in the original handbags the quality is exactly the same. Therefore, our handbags are also as durable as the original ones. All components of the replicas are exactly the same as its original copy.

7. How are the measurements of your handbags listed?

Every handbag that is listed in the pages has a specific measurement. This can be viewed by clicking on the image of the handbag. There is also a small description which is placed next to the handbags, that will provide you with the exact height, width and base sizes of the handbags.

Shipping Section - Questions and Answers

1. What is the cost of shipping?

It’s a Free Shipping worldwide by either EMS courier or DHL courier.

2. What about customs?

We believe in shopping which is done without any stressing. Therefore we take the burden of packaging and shipping upon us, to ensure that the product is delivered to you in the best condition. We also promise to have the item on your doorstep within the time frame mentioned.

3. How long does shipping take?

Shipping can be tracked via your tracking number of the product, which you will receive within two days of the dispatched product. Generally a product should reach you within our mentioned time frame. Our objective is to ensure that the product reaches your doorstep by the fastest and safest way possible. If you are not home at the time of delivery, you can collect the package from your nearest post office later on.

4. What about import taxes?

Import taxes fall heavily on the clients and therefore, it is our duty to help the customer avoid these taxes. While packing our product for shipment we try to under value our product which we often price below $32, so that the clients are relieved from any kind of import tax as most of the country allows an exemption in import tax up to the value of $32.

All the items are delivered via Ems courier. We can deliver your product to a P.O. Box. The product will arrive at the registered address of the customer. We recommend you being home at the time of delivery so you can sign for the product.

5. How does my tracking number work?

Once you have placed an order, you will be provided with a tracking number which you can use to know the status of your product while it is in transit. This tracking number will be given to you within 3 days of purchase by a customer care executive. You can check the status of your product online with help of the following links:

USPS: www.usps.com

Royal Post: www.royalmail.com

We also use DHL: DHL is also used for which one can check at www.dhl.com/en.html